Scorpion Control

Special problems call for special measures… scorpions can be controlled!

Scorpion Control

There are more than 40 different species of scorpions in Arizona. Unfortunately the most common variety found in the Valley is the most venomous – the Arizona Bark Scorpion. Generally 2-3 inches in length, straw colored, this variety tends to be on the flat side – if you can slip a credit card underneath your front door or garage door, that’s all the space this venomous arachnid needs to enter your home.
Homes close to desert areas or homes that have been recently built, (new construction areas) are more likely to have scorpion issues. An occasional scorpion sighting (alive or dead) is fairly common for most residents in the Valley; however, if many scorpions are found in a short time span, chances are you have an infestation issue.

Our specific scorpion service is extensive and includes:

Step 1. Physical barriers – identify access points. Weather stripping around doorways, garage door seals, cracks around window and door frames, openings around plumbing and cable access points, screening vents and soffits. Identify trees and plants that should be trimmed back – trees overhanging onto the roof or shrubs against the home.
Step 2. Remove food sources & water supply – treatment for pests that scorpions typically feed on such as; crickets, spiders and cockroaches. Locate leaking water sources; pipes, hose bibs, fountains, etc.
Step 3. Elimination of scorpion population – application of specific pesticides that target and treat for scorpions where they hide and nest; cinder block walls, foundation cracks, concrete joint gaps, behind light fixtures, storage boxes, organic matter around gardens and planter areas, loose J-trim and shingles.

Common misconceptions about pesticides having no effect on scorpions are very inaccurate. Yes, they have a waxy layer covering a tough exoskeleton but they can be done in! It takes a little more time and effort but following our 3-step program will effectively control scorpions and help you sleep at night.


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