Rodent Control

Dirty, Disease Carrying, Destructive, Despicable Rodents!


Rodent Control

There are a variety of rodents living in the desert areas surrounding greater Phoenix as well as in our many city neighborhoods. Most seem fairly harmless but in actuality they are filthy creatures that can carry a number of diseases; Bubonic Plague, Salmonella and Trichinosis, as well as hosting other parasites such as fleas and ticks. The damage caused by rodents can be significant and expensive. In their search of food and nesting materials; electrical wiring from HVAC units, pool heater pumps, insulation, cabinets, patio furniture, irrigation drip lines – all can all be subject to damage caused by rodent gnawing. Pack Rats are most commonly found in the nearby desert areas of service, also known as Trade Rats or Wood Rats. More common to our inner city areas of service are Roof Rats. Signs of rodent activity include;

  • DROPPINGS – dark brown and about the size of a grain of rice, found along the foundation of the home, near HVAC units, pool pumps, furnaces, water heater closets, wood piles and attic crawl spaces.
  • GNAWING – on PVC pipe, pipe insulation, wiring, wall and ceiling insulation, patio furniture cushions, storage boxes, stored clothing, paper products and fallen citrus.
  • SOUND – it’s not uncommon for homeowners to actually hear the pitter patter of rodents at night coming from inside their walls or above in their ceilings.

Pack Rats can be controlled with a variety of measures from; live traps, rodent bait stations, snap traps and glue traps. 911 Pest Defense offers a year-round program for residential and commercial customers as well as 90-day programs designed to eliminate rodents from structures.

Identifying rodent access areas and providing physical barriers is critical to help keep rodents from invading your property and worse, the interior of your home. Screening off openings in perimeter walls and gate areas as well as entry points for pipes and cables that connect to the home is important. Keeping bushes and trees trimmed and away from home is recommended. Not leaving pet food out, especially at night, is also advised.


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