Exceptional Multi-Level Treatment

We use an arsenal of effective pesticides in a wide variety of forms


“EMT” – Exceptional Multi-level Treatment

“We use an arsenal of effective pesticides in a wide variety of forms (powders, granules, gels & sprays) and apply them correctly and safely to targeted ‘pest’ areas in and around the home.”

There’s a multitude of desert dwelling insects here in the Valley and we know that you’d prefer to not have them in or around your home.  Our professional pest technicians know what to ask and inspect for.  Once evaluated, we go to work applying specific pesticides to the targeted pests.  All products used are applied per the manufacturer’s label instructions and EPA approved levels to ensure human and pet safety.

911 Pest Defense’s exclusive “EMT” includes:

  • thorough inspection of home and property
  • crack and crevice treatment (dust)
  • plant and lawn treatment (granules)
  • spray foundation of the home & inside of perimeter walls
  • garage interior spray plus glue boxes at garage door corners
  • natural interior spray of baseboards and exterior doorways

Upon inspection, we’ll also identify areas of easy pest access that you’ll want to have sealed or closed off (physical barriers).  Generally simple repairs  such as weather stripping, caulking and stucco patching that help keep pests out.  These easily identified and repaired items can help prevent urgent, more costly treatments such as bee or rodent removal.

Our “EMT” (Exceptional Multi-level Treatment) is exclusive to 911 Pest Defense.  The products and treatment methods take time and go far beyond what other pest control companies provide.  Our “EMT” is done on all initial services, then again on each and every service thereafter, no quick ‘splash & dash’ services – ever.  Our “EMT” takes time more time and effort but in the long run, doing it right the first time is time well spent.


We’re on call or text 24/7 for pest emergencies with same day response.

Call or text: 602-309-9300

We’re also on call 24/7 for our clients, so whether it’s an unexpected bee invasion or
an unwelcome rattlesnake – we respond same day.


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