Commercial EMT

"We treat our commercial properties just as thoroughly as our residential properties."


COMMERCIAL “EMT” – Exceptional Multi-level Treatment

“We treat our commercial properties just like our residential properties, providing the same ‘Exceptional Multi-level Treatment’ methods to keep owners and tenants as pest-free as possible.”

Our commercial properties are treated with an arsenal of effective pesticides in a wide variety of forms; (powders, granules, gels & sprays) and apply them properly to targeted pests in and around the shopping centers, office buildings, condo and townhome complexes and more .

Our professional pest technicians take the time to properly treat commercial centers, (no quick ‘splash & dash’ treatments) ever. We check for signs of pest & rodent issues and treat accordingly. Our goal is to effectively treat any pests or rodents on the building exteriors, minimizing any pest issues inside of suites, offices or homes. With a focus on keeping tenants happy and reducing complaint calls.

While on-site performing our services, we look for and often find signs of: water leaks, damages, vandalism, vagrant issues, garbage or grease problems or other tenant issues. We promptly document with photos, update record logs and notify the appropriate property manager. We work with dozens of property management companies and always have their best interests in mind.

911 Pest Defense’s extensive “Commercial EMT” includes:

  • thorough inspection of and property and grounds
  • crack and crevice treatment (dust)
  • plant and grass treatment (granules)
  • power spray to foundation of the commercial building(s)
  • spray of walkway and landscaped borders

Our “Commercial EMT” (Exceptional Multi-level Treatment) is exclusive to 911 Pest Defense. The products and treatment methods take time and go far beyond what other pest control companies provide. We’re on call 24/7 for urgent issues such as: Bee Removal and Rattlesnake Removal.

We’re on call 24/7 for urgent issues such as: Bee Removal and Rattlesnake Removal.
“We’re happy to do property inspections and provide quotes for our services promptly.
Contact Garry Young (owner) at 602-309-9300 or at”

We’re also on call 24/7 for our clients, so whether it’s an unexpected bee invasion or
an unwelcome rattlesnake – we respond same day.


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