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When To Head Off Winter Weeds

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Our weed control division, “HOTSHOTS”, will be applying pre-emergent herbicide to residential and commercial properties during October  through December– call us to schedule your property or get a quick quote! Prices start at $100 for smaller home-sites and increase with the size of the property. So what sets HOTSHOTS apart? We use the finest herbicides available and […]

SCORPION – Pest Defense Tip of the Month

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August and September are typically the worst (most active) months for scorpions. While we use the very best pesticides and methods in doing them in, you as the home owner can aid in the battle by properly sealing the home – ‘tightening up’ the physical barriers needed in keeping scorpions out of your home and […]

Rattlesnake Removal Pest Defense Tip of the Month

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Sounds like ‘Snakes on a Plane” but actually ‘Rattlesnake in a Garage’ is a common occurrence in our neighborhoods. With Winter approaching, rattlesnakes are looking for comfortable warm places to hibernate and garages are very appealing to them. NOW is the time you need to keep those garage doors closed and FIX any openings, especially […]

Rodent Control Pest Defense Tip of the Month

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We’ve been getting many calls right now for Rodent Control and for good reason – Pack Rats (Wood Rats) are very active right now.  Active meaning they’re looking to ‘move in’ to your property or in your home!  There are a number of things you can do to minimize the chances of this desert dweller […]

Ant Control Home Pest Defense Tip of the Month

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During the summer months – especially now, we receive many calls for Ant Control.  Unlike most other common desert pests; crickets, earwigs, cockroaches, scorpions, spiders, etc. – ants colonies are NOT effected by a general pest control treatment.  Why?  Several reasons, primarily they are a subterranean insect living underground.  Often the ant mound ‘home’ isn’t […]

Mosquito Control Home Pest Defense Tip of the Month

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First the heavy monsoon rains – now the mosquitoes!  So how can you do some pest defense to protect your family and pets? Mosquitoes carry a long list of diseases that can harm both people and pets – from the Zika virus to heartworm. Yes, it’s possible to treat them with a variety of pest […]

Home Sealing Pest Defense Tip of the Month

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Hello Neighbors, as the weather warms, pest activity increase and it’s getting hotter.  I often explain to our pest control customers that while we provide the very best in preventative pest control services, you as a homeowner play an equally important role in maintaining physical barriers that will help keep pests away from and out […]

Tarantulas Home Pest Defense Tip of the Month

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Arachnophobians worst nightmare – the Tarantula..!  Fear not, despite their size and fearsome appearance, they pose no real threat to people.  Tarantulas are venomous and actually do inject a mild form of venom into their prey but rarely bite people.  If threatened, they will often raise their front two pairs of legs and make a […]

Palo Verde Beetle Home Pest Defense Tip of the Month

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It’s that time of year when the ‘dreaded’ Palo Verde Beetle emerges from its desert soil and invades our skies and properties. For most of it’s life, the Palo Verde Beetle lives in the soil typically at the base of the Palo Verde trees (hence the name). After 2 to 4 years underground the large beetle now emerges and takes […]

Bark Scorpion Home Pest Defense Tip of the Month

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Hi Neighbors, many of you have moved here recently from other areas and have probably heard all kinds of nightmarish stories about our dreaded desert scorpions. Well here are the facts you should know about our most common one – the Bark Scorpion. Typical adults are only 2-3 inches in length but are the most […]

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