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Rodent Control Pest Defense Tip of the Month

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RodentWe’ve been getting many calls right now for Rodent Control and for good reason – Pack Rats (Wood Rats) are very active right now.  Active meaning they’re looking to ‘move in’ to your property or in your home!  There are a number of things you can do to minimize the chances of this desert dweller from making your home, ‘their home’.

  1. Eliminate food sources; fallen fruit, pet food, bird feeders, garbage lids shut tight and clean up pet waste
  2. Tidy up your yard; keep shrubs trimmed especially at the bottom, remove wood piles, brush and other piles of ‘stuff’ around the outside of home
  3. Seal up your home & BBQ island; use stucco diamond mesh to seal holes, vents and wrap HVAC pipes that lead into the home, check for holes around Cox boxes, electrical boxes and water pipes, repair garage door gaps (at corners) and replace door gasket if cracking
  4. Have some sort of regular pest/rodent control done at your place, chances are good that we’ll see signs of rodents much sooner than you do; droppings, chewed wiring, missing fabrics, nesting materials inside of BBQ islands or tunneling underneath AC unit or pool pump pads

Rodent control is recommended for homes that are in close proximity to the desert, especially is your home is near a wash or homes that are in neighborhoods with large numbers of roof rats.  Rodent bait boxes containing rodenticide (rat poison) won’t totally eliminate the Pack Rats or Roof Rats but will minimize their numbers, lessening the chances of them making your home – ‘their home’.

For homes that are experiencing rodents inside of the home – in walls or crawl spaces, Snap Traps are recommended but; setting, baiting, re-baiting and finally ‘snapping’ the rodents up and out is expensive – why installing and using preventative rodent bait boxes is ‘cheap insurance’.

Feel free to call us at  602-309-9300 for more information or to schedule a no-cost rodent inspection.

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