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Ant Control Home Pest Defense Tip of the Month

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Ant Control Home Pest Defense Tip of the MonthDuring the summer months – especially now, we receive many calls for Ant Control.  Unlike most other common desert pests; crickets, earwigs, cockroaches, scorpions, spiders, etc. – ants colonies are NOT effected by a general pest control treatment.  Why?  Several reasons, primarily they are a subterranean insect living underground.  Often the ant mound ‘home’ isn’t even located on a customer’s property, often 50 feet into a nearby wash or 5 houses down yet making an ‘ant highway’ through many back yards.

With over 300 species of ants, many of which require totally different treatments it’s important to properly identify the type of ant invading your property and home.  Different species; Harvester, Carpenter, Fire, etc., require different treatments.  Once identified and once the mound is located, a specific ant granule is used to eliminate the colony.  The granules are typically spread in a circle or ‘ring’ around the mound opening.  Usually after a day or two the colony is gone.

But what if the ant mound isn’t located on the property?  We’re able to use a specific ant spray, (a termiticide) that covers a wide range of ant species, it can be used topically, applied where the ants have been seen or traveling along their ‘ant highway’. This application is successful when enough of the ants travel through the treated area and take enough of the chemical back to the mound.

Ants on the kitchen counter tops?  We can’t spray any pesticide (natural or not) on counter tops so try a home remedy, a mixture of 3 parts lemon juice and 1 part water in a spritz bottle – the citric acid irritates the ants and may cause them to travel elsewhere.  You can also use cinnamon along windowsills or where ever the ants are entering the home.

Ants are an important part of the Arizona ecosystem.  Unless the ants are really effected your lifestyle; crawling all over your back yard grill island, biting the kids, overrunning your kitchen, etc. they are best left alone.  Having some ants around is a positive in many instances – remember they are natural enemies of termites and if no ants exist to battle the termites… you may be soon finding termite tubes along the foundation of your home.

During our regular general pest service we look for and will treat for ants – it’s included in our service at no additional charge.  We only charge for ant control when it’s the specific reason we’re hired or called back to an existing customer that has ant issues between regular general pest control treatments.

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