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SCORPION – Pest Defense Tip of the Month

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scorpionAugust and September are typically the worst (most active) months for scorpions. While we use the very best pesticides and methods in doing them in, you as the home owner can aid in the battle by properly sealing the home – ‘tightening up’ the physical barriers needed in keeping scorpions out of your home and garage. It takes only a 1/16 inch opening for a bark scorpion to get through and while the scorpion may have already tracked through our plant granules, powder and spray barriers, it usually takes 9 to 39 minutes to absorb through its’ exoskeleton and start taking effect and even longer to fully kill the scorpion – no matter what you’ve heard, there are no ‘immediate’ kill products for scorpions.

So proper sealing is crucial, critical areas are all entry points into the home: doorways, windows and garage door corners. Check to make sure all doors are snug and have proper weather stripping all around, if you can see daylight coming in, it’s not properly sealed. Sliding glass doors should also have proper seals and be properly on their tracks. Check all windows so they close properly and are tight as well, having exterior screens on all windows provides another barrier. Garage door corners often have large openings due to the wood or vinyl strip pulling away from the home – why we place glue boxes inside those garage corners. These should be replaced every few years along with the rubber gasket that runs the length of the garage door at the bottom. Standing inside your garage with the door closed, look for daylight coming in at the corners and if you have a concrete seam down the center you can fill with a clear silicone caulking to block that opening.

We do everything we can ‘chemically’ to control pests and scorpions, no other company that I know of uses the variety and quality of pesticides in their treatments as we do at 911 PD. We ask you help in partnering to combat the pests that want to invade your home and property, by providing the proper physical barriers as described above, you’ll be doing your part in keeping your place as pest-free as possible. Please call us if you have questions or need a referral for a qualified handyman to provide those services.

Give us a call to schedule a time to take care of those scorpions!


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