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Mosquito Control Home Pest Defense Tip of the Month

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Mosquito Control Home Pest Defense

First the heavy monsoon rains – now the mosquitoes!  So how can you do some pest defense to protect your family and pets? Mosquitoes carry a long list of diseases that can harm both people and pets – from the Zika virus to heartworm. Yes, it’s possible to treat them with a variety of pest control methods but there are a number of steps (listed below) that you as the home owner can do NOW to help minimize mosquitoes around your home.

Females can lay hundreds of eggs, it takes only 24-48 hrs. for the eggs to hatch into larvae and then another 7 or so days to become airborne adults. Mosquitoes must have water in order to breed and survive so tops on the list…

  • Eliminate any standing (stagnant) water around the home is first and foremost – the female mosquito prefers to lays her eggs in standing water, an upside-down bottle cap is enough to facilitate the eggs…
  • Poor out water standing in the dish at the bottom of containerized plants (outside & inside home)
  • Cut back on outside watering to minimize puddling
  • Check for water in buckets, rain gutters, old tires, plastic covers, toys, etc.
  • Once a week, change water in rain barrels, bird bathes & fountains
  • No green pools! Keep your pool well maintained and if you have a ‘green pool’ neighbor speak with them or contact the Maricopa County Environmental Services Dept. (602) 506-6616
  • keep grass mowed short and shrubs well trimmed – don’t over water
  • when outdoors, (especially in evening and early morning hours) apply mosquito repellent and wear clothing that covers as much of you as temperature allows
  • make sure your screen doors and window coverings are in good repair

So I hope these tips prove useful to you.

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