When To Head Off Winter Weeds

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When To Head Off Winter Weeds

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Hotshots Weed ControlOur weed control division, “HOTSHOTS”, will be applying pre-emergent herbicide to residential and commercial properties during October  through December– call us to schedule your property or get a quick quote! Prices start at $100 for smaller home-sites and increase with the size of the property.

So what sets HOTSHOTS apart?

We use the finest herbicides available and ‘SOAK IT IN’, meaning we mix the granule herbicide with plenty of water – in a 500-gallon tank and apply with a commercial pump & sprayer through a 1-inch hose so the solution gets through the top rock (ground cover) and down into the soil where it’s needed in order to alter the weed seeds once they start the germination process.

Call us to stop these weeds before they sprout! 602-309-9300

We’re also on call 24/7 for our clients, so whether it’s an unexpected bee invasion or
an unwelcome rattlesnake – we respond same day.


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