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Bark Scorpion Home Pest Defense Tip of the Month

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bark-scorpion 2Hi Neighbors, many of you have moved here recently from other areas and have probably heard all kinds of nightmarish stories about our dreaded desert scorpions. Well here are the facts you should know about our most common one – the Bark Scorpion. Typical adults are only 2-3 inches in length but are the most venomous in the U.S.. Their venom is a neuro-toxin which is injected by a stinger at the end of its tail. The sting is very painful and can have lingering effects; however, no deaths have occurred in AZ from a scorpion sting in more than 40 years.

Their flat, thin bodies, allow them to squeeze through the tiniest places as small as 1/16″. They are adept at climbing walls and trees (hence the name “bark”). That’s why they are often found inside homes -they climb seeking points of entry. Now during the peak of summer, they are seeking cooler, darker places (like garages & homes) that also harbor other insects typically on their menu. They are nocturnal and hunt at night, most scorpion stings or sightings are in the evening or early morning hours. TIP: if you get up at night to get a drink of water or use the bathroom, keep some open-toed sandals next to your bed and slip them on before you walk around the house.

Clean up the clutter, scorpion ‘hiding spots’ around the outside of your home; wood piles, old planters, pool toy boxes, lawn equipment, boxes, paint cans, roof tiles, etc. Keep vegetation well trimmed, shave your palm trees eliminating the notches that they nest in, eliminate climbing vines attached to your home, etc.

Next make sure your door sills and weatherstripping around doors is in good order, if you can see light coming in around your doors – repair and/or add additional weatherstripping. Also check your exterior window screens, make sure they are actually on the window and tight to the frame. Garage door corners are common entry points for pests, again check for any light coming in at the corners and around the entire door. Repair or replace the wood or ‘like wood’ strip that runs down the length of the sides of the garage. That piece often pulls away from the home and needs to be nailed or screwed back tight. If the bottom isn’t flush with the concrete, use some clear silicon caulking to fill in the space – 1/4 inch or less.

Next, have the home treated on a regular basis by a reputable, qualified pest control company. That’s where we come in! 911 Pest Defense offers the best in pest control services on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis – without the need for a contract.

Feel free to call me for an appointment or if you just have a question about scorpions or other desert insects. Thanks, Garry Young – owner. 911 Pest Defense (602) 309-9300,

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